Feb 27, 2013

International Year of Statistics: February roundup

2013 is the International Year of Statistics, a worldwide event now supported by nearly 1,700 organizations (including, of course, IMS—one of the founding organizations).

To keep in touch with the latest developments, activities and meetings, you can sign up to receive the International Year of Statistics PDF newsletters, at http://www.statistics2013.org/iyos/newsletter.cfm. You can also follow them on Twitter at @Statistics2013 (and use the hashtag #STATS2013), and befriend Statistics2013 on Facebook. You can also download a poster to display: see http://www.statistics2013.org/statistics2013-posters/

Extracts from the latest newsletter follow:

Check out Website for Activities & Ideas

On an almost daily basis, new items are added to the Activities calendar on the Statistics2013 website. This list is an excellent place for finding activities in which you and your organization can participate to celebrate Statistics2013. It also is a great place to see what other organizations around the world are doing to mark the celebration and using those ideas as the starting point for your group to brainstorm ideas of its own. Check out the Activities calendar today and start planning your organization’s event! And when your event’s plans are finalized, send the information to jeffrey@amstat.org for posting to the Activities calendar so others see what you group is doing for Statistics2013.

Participating Organizations: News and Events

The February 11, 2013, newsletter contains information from organizations around the world, including UK, USA, Mexico, Ukraine, Turkey, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Philippines, Indonesia and Egypt, as well as several international and cross-border activities. If your department, institution or organization is holding an event under the Statistics2013 umbrella, please send details (news and photos) to jeffrey@amstat.org.

Previous IYStat newsletters can be reviewed at http://www.statistics2013.org/participant-newsletter-archive/


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