Jul 16, 2013

New IMS Fellows

The IMS Committee on Fellows announces 19 new Fellows for 2013. The Fellows will be presented at JSM Montreal, in the IMS Presidential Address session on Monday, August 5, from 8:00pm in room CC-517ab. All JSM attendees are welcome at this session, and at the reception afterwards.

Graciela Boente from Universidad de Buenos Aires, for her research in robust statistics and estimation, and for outstanding service to the statistical community.

Anton Bovier from Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn, for his research in the theory of random media.

Amarjit Singh Budhiraja from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for his research in stochastic analysis and its impact on other disciplines including financial mathematics, network analysis, and stochastic modeling in biology.

Aurore Delaigle from University of Melbourne, for her research contributions in non-parametric function estimation, measurement error problems, and functional data; and her service to the statistical community.

Frank den Hollander from Leiden University, The Netherlands, for his research in probability and mathematical physics, and especially large deviation theory,

Pablo Ferrari from Universidad de Buenos Aires, for his fundamental contributions to exclusion processes and quasi-stationary distributions.

Allan Gut from Uppsala University, Sweden, for his contributions to probability theory, in particular renewal theory and stopped random walks.

Jianhua Z. Huang from Texas A&M University, for his contributions to the theory, methodology and practice of non-parametric and semi-parametric methods, longitudinal and functional data analysis, and statistical learning.

Michel Ledoux from University of Toulouse, France, for his influential contributions to probability theory, in particular probability on Banach spaces, the geometry of Markov semi-groups and the concentration of measure phenomenon.

Hongzhe Li from University of Pennsylvania, for his contributions to statistics in genomics, and applications to cancer, autoimmune diseases and microbiology.

Faming Liang from Texas A&M University, for his contributions to Markov chain Monte Carlo methods and their applications to biology, and for his service to the profession.

Hua Liang from the University of Rochester, for his outstanding work on semi-parametric models, model selection and statistical methodology, and his service to the profession.

Dennis K. J. Lin from Pennsylvania State University, for his contributions to experimental design and response surface methodology, and for service to the profession.

Peter Mueller from University of Texas at Austin, for his contributions to Bayesian statistics, biostatistical modeling, and the analysis of clinical trials.

Leonid Mytnik from Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, for his contributions to stochastic partial differential equations and measure-valued processes.

Jörg Polzehl from Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, for his contributions to the non-parametric smoothing methods and medical imaging analysis.

Kavita Ramanan from Brown University, for her contributions to the theory of stochastic processes, especially to stochastic networks, fluid and diffusion approximations, Skorokhod maps and large deviations theory.

Jianguo (Tony) Sun from University of Missouri, for his contributions to data analysis, especially in the analysis of interval-censored failure times, doubly censored data and panel count data, and for his service to the community.

Frederi G. Viens from Purdue University, for his contributions to stochastic analysis and its applications to mathematical physics, finance and statistics, and for his service to the community.


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