Oct 6, 2016

IMS Awards: nominate or apply now

Tweedie New Researcher Award

Richard Tweedie played a significant role throughout his professional career in mentoring young colleagues at work and through professional society activities. With funds donated by his friends and family, the IMS created the Tweedie New Researcher Award to finance the winner to present the Tweedie New Researcher Invited Lecture at the IMS New Researchers Conference. Next year’s conference will be held at Johns Hopkins, immediately before JSM in Baltimore.

To be eligible for the 2017 award, the new researcher must have received their doctoral degree in 2011–16, and the nominee should be a member of the IMS at time of nomination. The nomination deadline is December 1, 2016.

For details and requirements of the nomination process, please visit http://www.imstat.org/awards/tweedie.html

IMS Fellowship

The candidate for IMS Fellowship shall have demonstrated distinction in research in statistics or probability, by publication of independent work of merit. This qualification may be waived in the case of:

(1) a candidate of well-established leadership whose contributions to the field of statistics or probability other than original research shall be judged of equal value; or

(2) a candidate of well-established leadership in the application of statistics or probability, whose work has contributed greatly to the utility of and the appreciation of these areas.

Candidates for Fellowship should be members of IMS on December 1 of the year preceding their nomination, and should have been members of the IMS for at least two years.

All nominations must be received by January 31, 2017.

For details and requirements of the nomination process, please visit http://www.imstat.org/awards/fellows.htm

Harry C. Carver Medal

Nominations are invited for the Carver Medal, created by the IMS in honor of Harry C. Carver, founding editor of the Annals of Mathematical Statistics and one of the founders of the IMS. The medal is for exceptional service specifically to the IMS and is open to any member of the IMS who has not previously been elected President. All nominations must be received by February 1, 2017. Please visit http://www.imstat.org/awards/carver.html

Previous recipients:

Krzysztof Burdzy (2016) [pictured below]; Patrick Kelly (2015); Edward Waymire (2014); Peter Jagers (2012); Ross Leadbetter (2011); Julia A. Norton (2010); Don Truax (2009); Richard A. Johnson (2008); William Harkness (2007); Robert V. Hogg (2006); Jessica Utts (2005); Paul Shaman (2004); George P.H. Styan (2003); Bruce Trumbo (2002).

Krzysztof (Chris) Burdzy received the Carver Medal this year from Richard Davis

Krzysztof (Chris) Burdzy received the Carver Medal this year from Richard Davis

IMS Travel Award

The purpose of the IMS Travel Award is to fund travel, and possibly other expenses, to present a paper or a poster at an IMS sponsored or co-sponsored meeting, for those who otherwise would not be able to attend the meeting. (Note: the Travel Award cannot be used to fund any part of travel to the IMS New Researcher’s Conference, as that conference is already funded separately.)

The travel awards are available to IMS members who are New Researchers. This means any IMS member who was awarded a PhD within the 5 years immediately preceding the year of the application deadline or who has or will receive her/his PhD in the same year as the application deadline. For one third of the total available funds, New Researchers from countries with reduced membership dues will have first priority. For the remaining funds, first priority will go to New Researchers who already have their PhD at the application deadline and second priority will go to PhD students. Applicants must be members of IMS, though joining at the time of application is allowed (don’t forget that student membership is free! See http://www.imstat.org/membership/student.htm for details) and New Researchers also qualify for substantially reduced rates. To become a member, please see http://www.imstat.org/orders/

Application deadline is February 1, 2017.

For more information on the application process, please visit http://www.imstat.org/awards/travel.html


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