Dec 16, 2016

Journal news: Statistical Science opens Conversations

For many years, Statistical Science has published ‘Conversations’ with some of the many distinguished leaders in statistics and probability [see list, below]. These interviews are one of the most popular features of the journal. The personal opinions and experiences given in these interviews add a human touch, while also giving insights into the intellectual history of our field.

By making them openly available we hope to add to a broader understanding of the important roles that statistics and probability play in science and in society more generally.

Read the articles in Project Euclid or via the links at

Conversations with…

Hirotugu Akaike, T.W. Anderson, John C. Bailar, Richard Barlow, George A. Barnard, Maurice Bartlett, James O. Berger, Harald Bergström, Peter Bickel, William Birnbaum, David Blackwell, Albert Bowker, George Box, Ralph Bradley, David Brillinger, Larry Brown, Tadeusz Caliński, Lucien Le Cam, Shoutir Kishore Chatterjee, Herman Chernoff, Chin Long Chiang, Yuan Shih Chow, Arthur Cohen, Richard M. Cormack, Sir David Cox, Cuthbert Daniel, Henry Daniels, F.N. David, H.A. David, Persi Diaconis (twice), Wilfrid Dixon, Joe Doob, Fred Ederer, Brad Efron, Churchill Eisenhart, Abdel El-Shaarawi, Robert Elston, David Finney, Joe Gani, Seymour Geisser, Dorothy Gilford, Ramanathan Gnanadesikan, V.P. Godambe, I.J. Good, Leo Goodman, Ulf Grenander, Walter T. Federer, Steve Fienberg, David Findley, Nancy Flournoy, Don Fraser, Jerry Friedman, Alan Gelfand, Boris V. Gnedenko, Tavia Gordon, Shanti Gupta, William Haenszel, Peter Hall, James Hannan, Morris Hansen, Ted Harris, John Hartigan, Chris Heyde, Bob Hogg, Myles Hollander, Peter Huber, Ildar Ibragimov, Norman L. Johnson, Joop Kemperman, Oscar Kempthorne, David Kendall, Estate V. Khmaladze, Leslie Kish, Samuel Kotz, Morton Kramer, William Kruskal, Nan Laird, Erich Lehmann, C.C. Li, Dennis Lindley, Nathan Mantel, Kanti Mardia, Donald Marquardt, Margaret Martin, Harry Martz, Sujit Kumar Mitra, Lincoln Moses, Fred Mosteller and John W. Tukey, John Nelder, NIH Statisticians, Janet Norwood, Ingram Olkin, Richard Olshen, Manny Parzen, Yuri Vasilyevich Prokhorov, Frank Proschan, Howard Raiffa, C.R. Rao, Eugenio Regazzini, Murray Rosenblatt, George G. Roussas, Donald Rubin, Jerome Sacks, I. Richard Savage, Leopold Schmetterer, Marvin A. Schneiderman, Elizabeth Scott, Shayle R. Searle, G.A.F. Seber, Esther Seiden, Pranab Kumar Sen, Jayaram Sethuraman, Monroe Sirken, Milton Sobel, Herbert Solomon, Charles Stein, George C. Tiao, Howell Tong, John Tukey, John and Elizabeth Tukey, Willem van Zwet, Geoff Watson, Joseph Waksberg, W. Allen Wallis, Martin Bradbury Wilk, Michael Woodroofe, Donald Ylvisaker, and Shelemyahu Zacks.


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