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Volume 43, Issue 1: January/February 2014

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  • Nobel Prize in Economics: Lars Peter Hansen
  • Members’ News: Jeffrey Steif, Alison Etheridge, Jianqing Fan, Xiao-Li Meng, Bin Yu, David Madigan, Wenceslao Gonzalez-Manteiga, Juan Romo
  • New Bulletin team announced
  • Hand writing: Data, data everywhere, but let’s just stop and think
  • Child care grants available
  • New IMS books
  • JSM2014: Call for Contributed abstracts
  • Student Puzzle Corner
  • ISOSS Silver Jubilee
  • Mathematics of Planet Earth: beyond 2013
  • Future of the Statistical Sciences Workshop
  • Introducing The World of Statistics
  • Spiegelman Award
  • X-L Files: Nobel Prize in Statistics?

Volume 43, Issue 2: March 2014

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 43(2) cover image
  • New Researchers Conference
  • Members’ News: Susan Holmes; C R Rao; Klaus Krickeberg; Jim Pitman; Peter Hall
  • Robert Adler: TOPOS, and why you should care about it
  • Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics
  • Child care
  • Student Puzzle Corner
  • Vlada’s Point: The Introduction
  • Project Euclid website
  • Recent Papers: Bernoulli, Statistics Surveys; Electronic Journal of Probability; Electronic Communications in Probability
  • Terence’s Stuff: Give Industry a Chance
  • Obituary: Marc Yor

Volume 43, Issue 3: April/May 2014

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 43(3) cover image
  • IMS Elections 2014
  • Members’ News: Ying Hung; Philip Protter, Raymond J. Carroll, Keith Crank, Bani K. Mallick, Robert T. Smythe and Michael Stein; Stephen Fienberg; Alexandre Tsybakov; Gang Zheng
  • Statistics in Action: A Canadian Outlook
  • Stéphane Boucheron: on Big Data
  • NSF funding opportunity
  • Hand Writing: Solving the Right Problem
  • Student Puzzle Corner
  • Meet the Candidates
  • Recent Papers: Probability Surveys; Stochastic Systems
  • COPSS publishes 50th anniversary volume
  • Rao Prize Conference
  • Calls for nominations
  • XL-Files: My Valentine’s Escape

Volume 43, Issue 4: June/July 2014

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 43(4) cover image
  • IMS Elections 2014: Have you voted yet?
  • Bin Yu, Emery Brown and Emmanuel Candès elected to National Academy
  • Members’ News: Geoffrey Grimmett, Martin Hairer, H. Vincent Poor; Montserrat Fuentes
  • IMS Carver Award: Edward Waymire
  • IMS-ASC Sydney meeting
  • Vlada’s Point: The WorkSHOP
  • Obituary: Dennis Lindley
  • Student Puzzle Corner 4
  • Report: Seminar on Stochastic Processes
  • IMS Travel Award winners
  • StatProb joins Encyclopedia of Mathematics
  • Kovalevsky Lecture
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Recent Papers: Statistical Science; Electronic Journal of Statistics; Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré; New book
  • Terence’s Stuff: Creativity in Statistics

Volume 43, Issue 5: August 2014

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 43(5) cover image
  • President’s Column: “IMS: A cross-continent human network”
  • Members’ News: Christopher Genovese; HN Nagaraja
  • IMS Election results
  • Nominate IMS Named and Medallion Lecturers
  • IMS Fellows announced
  • Hand writing: On Measuring National Wellbeing
  • X-L Files: The Future of Statistics…?
  • Student Puzzle Corner 5
  • ICIAM minisymposia call
  • Membership survey results
  • Recent papers: Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics; Bayesian Analysis
  • Meeting report: The 7th China R Conference
  • Planning a 21st century Global Math Library
  • Jean Opsomer: Teaching a Short Course in Rwanda
  • Terence’s Stuff: “To See Oursels as Ithers See Us”

Volume 43, Issue 6: September 2014

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 43(6) cover image
  • Fields Medal: Martin Hairer
  • Members’ News: Michael Jordan; Susie Bayarri; Terry Speed; Karen Kafadar; John Stufken; ISBA Fellows; ASA Fellows
  • Annual Meeting photos
  • IMS student members win Data Mining Cup
  • Hadley Wickham: How are Data Science and Statistics different?
  • Student Puzzle Corner 5
  • Robert Adler: TOPOS part 2
  • Recent papers: Annals of Probability; Annals of Applied Probability
  • Meeting report: The London Workshop
  • Women faculty in stat/biostat departments
  • International Women in Mathematics website
  • IMS Travel Award winners in Sydney
  • Meeting report: IISA Conference

Volume 43, Issue 7: October/November 2014

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 43(7) cover image
  • Bin Yu: Presidential Address 2014 “Let us own Data Science”
  • Members’ News: Mike West, Fabrizio Ruggeri, Terry Speed, Simon Tavaré
  • IMS Journals: new editors starting 2015
  • SAMSI programs 2015–16
  • Recent papers: Annals of Statistics; Annals of Applied Statistics
  • COPSS Awards at JSM: Martin Wainwright, Grace Wahba, Kathryn Chaloner
  • Student Puzzle Corner 6 (deadline extended)
  • Obituaries: Laurent Cavalier, Susie Bayarri, H.A. David, Witold Klonecki
  • X-L Files: Leadership: are you open for it?
  • WNAR/IMS meeting report
  • Terence’s Stuff: Male Champions of Change
  • Newbold Prize

Volume 43, Issue 8: December 2014

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 43(8) cover image
  • Message from Erwin Bolthausen, IMS President
  • Members’ News: Trevor Hastie, David Anderson, Kathryn Chaloner
  • Book series news: IMS Monographs and Textbooks
  • National Medals of Science
  • ASA awards: Ray Carroll, Frank Harrell, Arnab Maity, Christopher McMahan, Sastry Pantula, Madan Puri, Joshua Tebbs
  • COPSS award nominations
  • IMS awards nominations too
  • Robert Adler: TOPOS part III
  • Medallion preview: Tilmann Gneiting; ENAR address David DeMets
  • Contribute to IMS
  • Obituary: Jagdish Rustagi
  • Vlada’s Point: A WORKshop
  • Recent papers: Statistical Science; Bernoulli
  • Student Puzzle Corner 7 (and solution to SPC6)

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