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Volume 47, Issue 1: January/February 2018

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 47(1) cover image
  • National Academy of Medicine elects Nicholas Jewell
  • Members’ news: Nick Horton, Eric Kolaczyk, Hongzhe Li, Runze Li, Douglas Simpson, Greg Lawler, Mike Jordan, Mir Masoom Ali
  • Journal news: EJP, ECP, Prob Surveys
  • OECD guidelines
  • Takis Konstantopoulos: new column
  • Recent papers: Electronic Journal of Probability; Electronic Communications in Probability
  • Special Invited Lecturers in 2018
  • New Textbook
  • Obituary: Ron Getoor
  • IMS Awards
  • Student Puzzle Corner 19 (reminder)
  • Bernoulli Society New Researcher Award

Volume 47, Issue 2: March 2018

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 47(2) cover image
  • Bernard Silverman knighted
  • Members’ news: David Banks, Adrian Smith
  • IMS Statement on Professional Conduct at Meetings
  • Awards for ISI Director Bandyopadhyay
  • Medallion Lecture previews: Richard Samworth, Thomas Mikosch
  • Recent papers: Electronic Journal of Statistics; Statistics Surveys. Update: Observational Studies
  • Pro Bono Statistics: Yoram Gat on Democracy and Statistical Sampling
  • XL-Files: It’s hard to publish, but impossible to unpublish
  • COPSS Presidents’ Award winner Tyler VanderWeele: profile and interview
  • Student Puzzle Corner 20
  • Candidate statements for 2018 IMS Elections

Volume 47, Issue 3: April/May 2018

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 47(3) cover image
  • Tweedie Award winner Philip Ernst
  • Members’ news: Peter Bühlmann, Peng Ding, Peter Diggle, Jun Liu, Larry Brown, Judea Pearl
  • Medallion Lecture previews: Jean Bertoin, Davar Khoshnevisan, Ming Yuan
  • Recent papers: Stochastic Systems; Probability Surveys
  • Journal News: Statistics Surveys; possible new Data Science journal?
  • New Researcher Travel Awards
  • Student Puzzle 20 reminder
  • Obituaries: Walter Rosenkrantz, Herbert Heyer, Jørgen Hoffmann-Jørgensen, James Thompson, David Wallace

Volume 47, Issue 4: June/July 2018

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 47(4) cover image
  • IMS Annual Meeting 2018
  • Members’ news: Byeong Uk Park; Trevor Hastie, Simon Tavaré; Philip Dawid, Nancy Reid
  • New IMS Fellows
  • COPSS Awards: Bin Yu, Susan Murphy; New COPSS lectureships
  • Le Cam, Neyman and Medallion Lecture previews: Ruth Williams, Peter Bühlmann, Anthony Davison, Anna De Masi, Svante Janson, Sonia Petrone
  • Hannan Travel Awards; Junior Researchers Writing Workshop at JSM
  • Obituaries: Larry Brown, Herman Rubin
  • Peter Hall Early Career Award seeks funds
  • Recent papers: AIHP, Observational Studies
  • Calls for nominations

Volume 47, Issue 5: August 2018

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 47(5) cover image
  • IMS election results 2018
  • Members’ news: Noel Cressie, Kerrie Mengersen, Ruth Williams, Emmanuel Candès, Po-Ling Loh, Gongjun Xu, Lingzhou Xue, Quentin Berthet
  • Nominate IMS lecturers
  • IMS adopts Fairness and Diversity guidelines
  • Global Survey examines gender gap
  • Recent papers: Bayesian Analysis, Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics
  • Raising funds for Peter Hall Prize
  • Thanks to donors to IMS Funds
  • XL-Files: BFF and BGF for IMS
  • Obituaries: P.K. Bhattacharya, George Cave
  • Student Puzzle Corner 21 and solution to Puzzle 20

Volume 47, Issue 6: September 2018

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 47(6) cover image
  • President Xiao-Li Meng’s Message (IMS: Younger, Broader, and Deeper)
  • Members’ news: ASA Fellows; Don Rubin, Edo Airoldi; Mike West; Richard De Veaux, Mark Glickman, Alyson Wilson, Ofer Harel
  • Nominate IMS lecturers
  • IMS Vilnius meeting photos
  • Hand writing: Administrative Data
  • Undergraduate Data Science report
  • Toronto grows Statistics Department
  • Recent papers: Annals of Probability; Annals of Applied Probability
  • Update from Stochastic Systems
  • Alison Etheridge’s Presidential Address 2018: Reflections on probability, statistics and the IMS

Volume 47, Issue 7: October/November 2018

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 47(7) cover image
  • David Donoho receives Gauss Award at ICM
  • COPSS Awards for Richard Samworth, Bin Yu, Susan Murphy
  • Senior statisticians celebrate birthdays
  • Interview: Richard Samworth, COPSS Presidents’ Award winner
  • Nominate 2019 COPSS Awards
  • Nominating a Fellow? Here’s how to choose
  • Nominate for IMS Awards, apply for IMS travel awards
  • More nominations: Parzen Prize, Newbold Prize
  • 2018 WNAR/IMS Meeting
  • Student Puzzle Corner 22 and solution to SPC21
  • Recent papers: Annals of Statistics, Annals of Applied Statistics
  • Richard Gibbens, 1962–2018
  • Treasurer’s Report 2017

Volume 47, Issue 8: December 2018

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 47(8) cover image
  • Efron receives International Prize in Statistics
  • Members’ news: Grace Wahba, Michael Jordan, Bin Yu, Steve Fienberg
  • President’s column: Xiao-Li Meng
  • NSF Seeking Novelty in Data Sciences
  • There’s fun in thinking just one step more
  • Peter Hall Early Career Prize: update and nominations
  • Interview with Dietrich Stoyan
  • Recent papers: Statistical Science; Bernoulli
  • Radu Craiu’s “sexy statistics”

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