IMS Bulletin Vol 34 (2005)

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Volume 34, Issue 1: January/February 2005

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 34(1) cover image
  • Members’ News
  • Profile: Charles Newman
  • R.A. Fisher Digital Archive
  • Open Access: NIH vs Publishers
  • Terence’s Stuff: How to do statistical research
  • Nominations and Awards; StatSci news
  • Obituary: I. Richard Savage
  • Meet the Members
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Profile: Paul Shaman
  • CBMS News
  • Banff International Research Station

Volume 34, Issue 2: March 2005

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 34(2) cover image
  • Members’ News
  • IMS & JSTOR news
  • Annual Survey: First report 2004
  • Sri Lankan conference goes ahead
  • Terence’s Stuff: Good Books
  • MCMSki photos
  • Obituaries: Norman Lloyd Johnson; Yehuda Vardi
  • Meet the Members
  • Letter to the Editor

Volume 34, Issue 3: April 2005

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 34(3) cover image
  • New IMS/Bernoulli Journal: Probability Surveys
  • Members’ News
  • Profile: Michael Newton
  • Terence’s Stuff: More Books Worth Reading
  • New IMS Child Care Initiative
  • MCMSki conference report
  • JSM Previews: Wald & Neyman Lectures
  • Organize a Mini-meeting
  • Meet the Members
  • Announce your meeting
  • AOS thanks referees

Volume 34, Issue 4: May 2005

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 34(4) cover image
  • IMS Elections 2005
  • Members’ News & contacts
  • Obituary: Ching-Zong Wei
  • Terence’s Stuff: Books Worth Recommending
  • Charles University reopens library
  • COPSS Fisher Lecturer
  • AAAS News: report from Annual Meeting
  • IMS Elections: Candidates’ Information

Volume 34, Issue 5: June 2005

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 34(5) cover image
  • Executive Director reports
  • Members’ News & contacts
  • Obituary: Harshinder Singh
  • IMS Election update
  • EURANDOM news
  • Terence’s Stuff: Theoretical vs Applied Statistics
  • Medallion previews
  • Caucus for Women in Statistics
  • IMS Lecture Program
  • NSF news
  • Meet the Members

Volume 34, Issue 6: July 2005

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 34(6) cover image
  • Members’ News: Iain Johnstone
  • Obituary: William Kruskal
  • New UK Statistics Centre
  • Terence’s Stuff: A Toast to Posters
  • Donate/request IMS journals
  • Abel Prize for Mathematics
  • Mu Sigma Rho
  • Medallion Lecture preview
  • Minneapolis Events

Volume 34, Issue 7: August/September 2005

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 34(7) cover image
  • IMS Election results
  • Members’ News
  • Obituaries: George Dantzig and Adhir Kumar Basu
  • Medallion Lecture preview
  • Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences
  • New journal to improve electronic publishing
  • Terence’s Stuff: Going to China
  • Meet the Members
  • Profiles: Martin Barlow; David Spiegelhalter
  • Meeting reports: SPA05 and satellite workshop
  • Letter to the Editor

Volume 34, Issue 8: October 2005

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 34(8) cover image
  • Katrina: IMS response
  • Members’ News
  • IMS President’s message
  • New Fellows
  • Tweedie Award
  • COPSS Awards
  • IMS Special Invited Lectures 2006
  • IMS Annual Meeting Report
  • New Member Reception
  • Obituaries: Benjamin Epstein; Leo Breiman
  • Letter
  • Terence’s Stuff: Publish and/or perish
  • Prizes: Loève, Mitchell
  • Cox Race
  • WNAR/IMS report

Volume 34, Issue 9: November 2005

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 34(9) cover image
  • IMS New Researchers
  • Members’ News
  • Fellows Nomination
  • Jessica Utts, Carver medal
  • NRC report
  • NSF news
  • Annual Survey 3rd report
  • Sale: Lecture Notes series
  • Scientific misconduct research
  • Laha award: apply now
  • Obituaries: Peter Wright; Amy Rocha
  • AAAS new fellows
  • Letters page
  • Terence’s Stuff: Interdisciplinary Research
  • …and a view from China

Volume 34, Issue 10: December 2005

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 34(10) cover image
  • IMS Annual Meeting
  • Members’ News
  • Obituary: Kanti Patel
  • IMS Awards Nomination
  • Medallion Lecture: Adrian Raftery
  • SAMSI report
  • Meet the Members
  • Terence’s Stuff: Theoretical v Applied Statistics II
  • 2006 IMS Dues: renew now

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