IMS Bulletin Vol 36 (2007)

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Volume 36, Issue 1: January/February 2007

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 36(1) cover image
  • Editor’s Message
  • IMS Members’ News: Jianqing Fan, Eric van Zwet
  • Nominations for Spiegelman Award
  • IMS Membership News
  • Apply/nominate: Laha, Carver Awards, IMS Fellowship
  • Obituary: H Samuel Wieand
  • AOAS; Gift memberships
  • Department profile: NCSU
  • Department News: UC Irvine, Johns Hopkins

Volume 36, Issue 2: March 2007

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 36(2) cover image
  • Open Access IMS journals
  • IMS Members’ News: Bin Yu, Gunnar Kulldor
  • IMS partners Bernoulli Society
  • Reports: Frontiers of Statistics; Multivariate Statistical Methods; ICM
  • Obituaries: Ted Harris; Jerry Klotz; Chu-In Charles Lee; Milton Friedman
  • SAMSI programs
  • IMS Groups
  • Annual Survey 2005
  • Terence’s Stuff: The Big Problem
  • Rick’s Ramblings: How should we judge Applied Probability papers?

Volume 36, Issue 3: April 2007

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 36(3) cover image
  • New IMS journals
  • IMS Members’ News: Michael Woodroofe, Arak Mathai, Howell Tong
  • Board on Mathematical Sciences & Applications
  • C R Rao Advanced Institute
  • Profile: Bruno de Finetti
  • NSF Statistics Program
  • Funding for Probability
  • IMS Childcare Initiative
  • NSF-CBMS Conferences
  • Terence’s Stuff: Model Skeptics

Volume 36, Issue 4: May 2007

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 36(4) cover image
  • Abel Prize
  • IMS Awards: Tweedie, Laha
  • New arXiv:stat
  • Pipeline Problems in Statistics
  • ENAR/IMS report
  • Profile: S.R.S. Varadhan
  • IMS Childcare Funding
  • IMS Elections: candidates’ statements
  • Obituary: Lincoln Moses
  • Terence’s Stuff: Then and Now

Volume 36, Issue 5: June 2007

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 36(5) cover image
  • NAS Fellows and Foreign Associates
  • Members’ News: Steve Fienberg; Dipak Dey; Jerry Reiter
  • IMS Elections
  • The Impact of Impact Factors
  • Obituary: Walter Philipp
  • Obituary: Frank B Knight
  • Terence’s Stuff: Data Doctors
  • New IMS Fellows
  • Profile: Jiashun Jin
  • JSM Previews: IMS sessions; Wald Lecturer, Jim Berger; COPSS Fisher Lecturer, Marvin Zelen

Volume 36, Issue 6: July 2007

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 36(6) cover image
  • National Medal of Science for Bradley Efron
  • Members’ News: SRS Varadhan; Grace Wahba
  • Executive Director’s report: Listening to our Gut
  • IMS to publish AIHP
  • Profiles: Rick Durrett and John Kingman
  • Films of Statisticians: Emanuel Parzen
  • Statistics: leading or serving?
  • Terence’s Stuff: Is statistics easy or hard?
  • Meeting reports: Spring Research Conference; CLAPEM

Volume 36, Issue 7: August/September 2007

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 36(7) cover image
  • Carver Medal: Bill Harkness
  • Election results
  • Members’ News: Alan Gelfand; Ed Perkins; CR Rao; Mir Masoom Ali
  • SSC Awards: Agnes Herzberg; Don McLeish; Brajendra Sutradhar; Anthony Davison; David Hinkley
  • Obituary: Charlie Dunnett
  • AOAS in the News
  • SAMSI Programs
  • Quantitative Assessment of Research review
  • Terence’s Stuff: Changing my mind (again)
  • Profile of DNA Profiling

Volume 36, Issue 8: October 2007

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 36(8) cover image
  • Message from the new President: Jianqing Fan
  • Members’ News: Brad Efron; Rong Chen; David Madigan; Michael Titterington
  • IMS Special Lecturers
  • IMS Annual Meeting report and Council report
  • AOAS in the News
  • COPSS Awards and nominations
  • IMS NRC report
  • Presidential Address: Open Access to Professional Information
  • Obituaries: Radu Theodorescu, William Tucker
  • Terence’s Stuff: Live at Salt
  • Profile: Bill Harkness, Carver
  • Editor sought for new journal
  • Letter to the Editor

Volume 36, Issue 9: November 2007

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 36(9) cover image
  • How do we evaluate research?
  • Members’ News: Debajyoti Sinha; Peter Donnelly; Donald Gaver
  • Evaluating research: responses
  • Journal news; Randy Sitter
  • IMS awards; Laha recipients’ comments
  • IMS Reception photos
  • Awards and nominations
  • WNAR/IMS meeting report
  • Rick’s Ramblings: Chuck’s Rule
  • Terence’s Stuff: Letters
  • SPA and IMS journal rates

Volume 36, Issue 10: December 2007

Click cover to download PDF IMS Bulletin 36(10) cover image
  • Singapore meeting news
  • Members’ News: H. Christian Gromoll, Amber Puha, Ruth Williams, Scott Zeger, David Kendall
  • Journal news: PMS
  • Evaluating research: a response
  • Science vs Justice
  • Statistics in Germany
  • IMS awards
  • Awards and nominations
  • Obituary: Yao-Ting Zhang
  • Meeting reports: High-Dimensional Data Analysis; SPA’07
  • Terence’s Stuff: Statistics Without Probability
  • Gaming the System

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