IMS Bulletin Vol 39 (2010)

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Volume 39, Issue 1: January/February 2010

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  • Happy Birthday to… Statistics!
  • Members’ News: Jianqing Fan; Rick Durrett; Luke Bornn
  • Annals of Applied Statistics special section
  • Iowa State University’s celebrations
  • Fatal flaws found in cancer research: AOAS paper
  • SAMSI’s 2010–11 programs
  • Dhaka’s distinguished visitor remembered
  • Medallion lecture at ENAR
  • Terence’s Stuff: Statistical dynasties and golden ages

Volume 39, Issue 2: March 2010

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  • Interview with C R Rao
  • Members’ News: Grace Wahba, Bernard Silverman, Roger Koenker; Shelemyahu Zacks, Herman Chernoff
  • Meeting report
  • Obituary: Miguel Arcones
  • ArXiv seeks support
  • Standards for US K–12 Math Education
  • Statistical Science issue: Genome-Wide Association Studies
  • Erich Lehmann issue of Annals of Statistics
  • Rick’s Ramblings
  • Publication Ethics
  • Letter: On the Editorial Process
  • Terence’s Stuff: Scientific Peer Review, ca 2010

Volume 39, Issue 3: April 2010

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  • Tweedie Award: Harrison Zhou
  • Members’ News: Iain Johnstone; Ingram Olkin
  • Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality
  • NSF news
  • Wisconsin Stat Dept celebrates 50th birthday
  • Meeting report: ICCS-X
  • Obituary: James F Hannan
  • Report: Zacks miniconference
  • Rick’s Ramblings: How to get your paper cited
  • The Renaissance Statistician
  • Terence’s Stuff: Firing Statistics Faculty
  • Treasurer’s Report 2009

Volume 39, Issue 4: May 2010

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  • IMS Elections
  • Members’ News: new ISI members; Adrian Raftery; Richard Smith
  • IMS Collections vol 5
  • IMS Election candidates
  • Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Medallion Preview: Laurens de Haan
  • COPSS Fisher lecture: Bruce Lindsay
  • Rick’s Ramblings: March Madness
  • Terence’s Stuff: And ANOVA thing

Volume 39, Issue 5: June 2010

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  • IMS Carver Award: Julia Norton
  • Members’ News: new US National Academy members; Donald Gaver; Marie
  • Davidian; tributes to Kiyosi Itô, Ehsanes Saleh
  • Laha Award recipients
  • Statistics museum
  • Rietz lecture: Michael Stein
  • Medallion Preview: Marek Biskup
  • NISS/SAMSI award;
  • Obituary notice: Samuel Kotz
  • Obituary: Hirotugu Akaike
  • Annual survey
  • Rick’s Ramblings: with Larry Shepp
  • Terence’s Stuff: Changes, courses and committees

Volume 39, Issue 6: July 2010

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  • IMS at 75
  • Members’ News: Stephen Stigler; Sally Morton; Jean Opsomer; Sastry Pantula;
  • Robert Rodriguez
  • 2010 IMS Fellows
  • Wald lectures: Jean-François Le Gall
  • Medallion Preview: Edward George
  • Nominations for awards
  • IMS Treasurer
  • Obituary: Samuel Kotz
  • Tweedie lecture: Harrison Zhou
  • NISS grants
  • Charles Stein symposium
  • Terence’s Stuff: Where p-values fail

Volume 39, Issue 7: August/September 2010

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  • IMS Election Results
  • Members’ News: Gary King; David Blackwell; Javier Rojo; David Dunson; David Cox; David Donoho
  • Statistics Olympiad; Myrto Lefkopoulou lecture
  • Artificial Intelligence & Statistics
  • Medallion Preview: Xiao-Li Meng
  • MCMSki III
  • NSF/NIH Program solicitation
  • Terence’s Stuff: The Multivariate Normal

Volume 39, Issue 8: October 2010

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  • IMS Short Courses
  • Members’ News: Marta Sanz-Solé; David Brillinger; PK Sen; Elizaveta Levina; Jerry Friedman; Samuel Kou; Emily Berg; Wayne Fuller; Xuming He; Jun Liu; Yajun Mei, Nicoleta Serban, Roshan Joseph Vengazihiyil, Ming Yuan
  • IMS 2010 Gothenburg meeting report & photos
  • Peking University’s Center for Statistical Science
  • Conference in memory of Kai Lai Chung
  • WNAR/IMS meeting
  • Rick’s Ramblings: Renewal at SAMSI
  • Joe Eaton: My first 50 years in the IMS
  • COPSS Presidents’ Award: David Dunson
  • Obituaries: Lester Dubins; David Blackwell
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Terence’s Stuff: Simple Linear Regression

Volume 39, Issue 9: November 2010

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  • Go Green with the Bulletin
  • Members’ News: Sallie Ann Keller; Mary Ellen Bock
  • Laha Award winners’ Gothenburg experience
  • Calls for IMS nominations
  • Painlevé Project
  • Georgia Tech faculty awards
  • SAMSI’s Uncertainty Quantification Program
  • IMS Evolution: P K Sen
  • StatProb Encyclopedia
  • David Dunson interview
  • COPSS Awards
  • Meeting reports: Modern Massive Data Sets; Frontiers of Statistical Decision Making
  • Terence’s Stuff: Travel

Volume 39, Issue 10: December 2010

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  • Editor’s farewell
  • Members’ News: C R Rao; P K Sen; Adrian Smith; Igor Vajda
  • IMS Awards
  • Other Awards
  • Obituaries: Julian Besag; Hermann Witting; Dan Brunk
  • NSF-CBMS lecturers
  • How to Publish: IMS-CUP book series
  • Terence’s Stuff: Enduring values

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