IMS Bulletin Vol 40 (2011)

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Volume 40, Issue 1: January/February 2011

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  • Letter from the new Editor
  • Members’ News: Jon Wellner
  • IMS Awards
  • Anirban’s Angle: Reading the Classics
  • New IMS Collections volume 7; Award nominations
  • Canadian census row
  • Rick’s Ramblings: A Few Seedlings of Research
  • Obituaries: Leo Raktoe; Herman Friedman; J N Srivastava; Edward Dudewicz
  • Terence’s Stuff: Hidden history

Volume 40, Issue 2: March 2011

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  • RSS Guy Medals honor IMS Fellows
  • Members’ News: Vincenzo Capasso
  • Tweedie Award: Hui Zou
  • Medallion lecture: Heping Zhang
  • Rick’s Ramblings: Re: Reading the Classics
  • IMS Collections volume 7
  • Using statistics to fight infection?
  • Meeting reports: Dhaka University; MCMSkiIII; ICM
  • Statistical societies: past and future
  • Statistical Encyclopedia nominated for Nobel Peace Prize;
  • “Mathematics on Planet Earth” initiative
  • Terence’s Stuff: Books, now and then

Volume 40, Issue 3: April/May 2011

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  • IMS Elections: Time to vote
  • Members’ News: Joseph Glaz, Jeff Wu, CR Rao; JCGS news
  • Tweedie lecturer interview
  • Rick’s Ramblings: Proofiness
  • Statistician “fourth best job”
  • COPSS Fisher Lecture: Jeff Wu
  • Tribute to Adrian Smith
  • Obituary: Igor Vajda
  • Elections: candidate information
  • Awards nominations
  • Medallion lecture preview: Itai Benjamini
  • Terence’s Stuff: Simulation

Volume 40, Issue 4: June/July 2011

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  • NAS Elections: Stuart Geman, H. Vincent Poor
  • Members’ News: Laurent Saloff-Coste, Michael Jordan, Ross Leadbetter, Dimitris Politis, Yuval Peres; World Congress plenary speakers
  • IMS Fellows
  • Medallion Lectures: Alice Guionnet, Jianqing Fan
  • Obituary: Benoît Mandelbrot
  • NISS News
  • Laha Awards
  • Calls & nominations
  • Japanese earthquake
  • Terence’s Stuff: Interdisciplinary statistics

Volume 40, Issue 5: August 2011

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  • Updated website
  • Members’ News: Steffen Lauritzen; Simon Tavaré, Donald Rubin, Jon Wellner, Marie Davidian, Bani Mallick, Dipak Dey
  • Rick’s Ramblings: Dehydrated Elephants
  • IMS News: Council and Executive members
  • Medallion Lectures: Sylvia Richardson, Qi-Man Shao
  • Anirban’s Angle: A New Core?
  • Obituaries: Timothy Robertson, Bernard Harris
  • ISOSS Meeting report
  • AOAS in the News
  • Terence’s Stuff: Gender Equity

Volume 40, Issue 6: September 2011

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  • IMS Annual Meeting at JSM
  • Members’ News: Christian Genest, CR Rao, Joe Glaz, Xuming He, Jean-Pierre Fouque, Craig A. Tracy
  • COPSS Awards
  • Project Euclid news
  • Web-mentoring project
  • IMS@JSM in photos
  • Anirban’s Angle: Berkeley and Indian statistics
  • Laha awardees
  • Obituaries: AV Skorokhod, Patrick Billingsley
  • Rick’s Ramblings: NSF proposal-writing
  • Presidential Address: Peter Hall
  • SPA meeting report
  • BJPS 25th anniversary
  • Terence’s Stuff: Speaking, reading, writing

Volume 40, Issue 7: October/November 2011

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Click cover to download PDFIMS Bulletin 40(7) cover image
  • President’s Welcome
  • Members’ News: SRS Varadhan, Emery Brown, ASA Fellows and Biometrics Section awards, James Rosenberger, Jessica Utts, Nick Horton, Paul Meier
  • Finance workshop report
  • COPSS Awards: interview with Nilanjan Chatterjee
  • One new course?
  • Calls for nominations
  • SAMSI news
  • Brazilian Journal special issue
  • IMS Awards: nominations
  • Rick’s Ramblings: Stochastics in Biological Systems
  • Terence’s Stuff: Advancement

Volume 40, Issue 8: December 2011

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  • Schramm Lecture announced
  • Members’ News: Krzysztof Burdzy, Laurent Saloff-Coste, Michel Ledoux, Anton Bovier, Michael Longnecker, James Cochran, Xuming He
  • Loève Prize
  • Dynkin interviews online
  • New Stochastic Systems journal
  • Profile: SRS Varadhan
  • Mathematics of Planet Earth Competition
  • Childcare at World Congress
  • Recent papers
  • Pao-Lu Hsu Award
  • Applied Probability Conference report
  • IMS President requests input
  • IMS awards nominations
  • Terence’s Stuff: Knowing

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