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IMS books in Project Euclid bookstore

Did you know that Project Euclid sells selected volumes of IMS books? The following books (all softcover/paperback) are available to order from the Project Euclid bookstore, at IMS Lecture [ More.. ]


Introducing the New Researchers Group

Alexander Volfovsky writes: For more than twenty years (with a gap year here and there) the IMS has been hosting the Meeting of New Researchers in Statistics and Probability immediately [ More.. ]

Feb 17, 2016

IMS Bulletin printed issue

As you may have noticed if you are a member, the IMS has reintroduced sending the printed IMS Bulletin to all members. Before now, you had to opt-in to receive [ More.. ]


Elect your new Council

We are pleased to introduce the candidates who are standing for election to the IMS Council in 2016. This year there is one candidate for President-Elect, and there are 10 [ More.. ]


President’s Message: Agendas and IMS

IMS President Richard Davis writes: During my one-year apprenticeship as President-elect of IMS, I was often queried about my agenda for IMS. The word “agenda” can conjure up both positive [ More.. ]


Donors to IMS Funds

The IMS has eight funds that are open to contributions, detailed below. The Institute would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for contributing to the IMS. If you [ More.. ]

Aug 28, 2015

New IMS Group for Junior Researchers

We are happy to announce the formation of a new committee within the IMS to create a forum for early career statisticians and probabilists. Tentatively called “j-IMS”, the group aims [ More.. ]

Jul 14, 2015

Election results announced

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2015 IMS Council elections. The President-Elect is Jon Wellner. The new Council members are, in alphabetical order: Andreas Buja, Gerda Claeskens, [ More.. ]


IMS Fellows 2015

We announce the class of new IMS Fellows for 2015, who will be presented at the IMS Presidential Address and Awards session at JSM in Seattle. Congratulations, Fellows!

May 17, 2015

Treasurer’s Report 2014

Jean Opsomer, IMS Treasurer, writes: This report details membership and subscription data for calendar year end 2014. The 2014 fiscal year end audit report will be published separately in the [ More.. ]


Elect your new Council

We are pleased to introduce the candidates who are standing for election to the IMS Council in 2015. This year there is one candidate for President-Elect, and 10 candidates for [ More.. ]


IMS Textbooks and Monographs

These two book series are published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of IMS. The volumes currently available are: IMS Textbooks Probability on Graphs. Geoffrey Grimmett Bayesian Filtering and Smoothing. [ More.. ]


New IMS Textbooks published

Two new books in the IMS Textbooks series have been published. They are: The Surprising Mathematics of Longest Increasing Subsequences by Dan Romik (IMS member price with 40% discount is [ More.. ]


Presidential Address video and slides

We printed Bin Yu’s IMS Presidential Address in the October/November issue (in PDF format here). Bin reprised her talk at the New Researchers’ Conference, where it was filmed: you can [ More.. ]


IMS President’s Message: Erwin Bolthausen

Erwin Bolthausen became IMS President in July (he is pictured below, center, with Past-President Bin Yu, left, and President-Elect Richard Davis, right). Erwin shares his thoughts on the future of [ More.. ]



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