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Teaching Statistics… at a Food Coop

IMS member Jonathan Skinner has taught a free statistics class (“without math”) as part of the offerings at his local food coop, in order to spread the good word, for [ More.. ]

Nov 15, 2018

There’s fun in thinking just one step more

Ruobin Gong, Rutgers University, writes: Suppose that you and a group of friends play the following game. Everybody guesses an integer between 1 and 100. You win by getting closest [ More.. ]

Nov 15, 2018

My ‘sexy statistics’ – take or LV it

Radu V. Craiu is Professor and Chair of the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto. He writes: This past summer I was asked in a Q&A session [ More.. ]

Sep 1, 2018

Growing Pains and Gains in Statistics, the Toronto Way

Radu V. Craiu is Professor and Chair of the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto. He writes: These are interesting times for statistical science departments throughout the [ More.. ]


Quo Vadis Data Science?

We in IMS must build the foundations of this emerging field Data science is at a crossroads. Will it become a fundamentally applied discipline, a collection of heuristics without any [ More.. ]


Learning Sessions: more work, less shop?

Jan Swart is a research fellow at the Institute of Information Theory and Automatization, in the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague. He writes to share his experiences [ More.. ]

Sep 2, 2016

Data Wisdom for Data Science

Bin Yu, Departments of Statistics and EECS, University of California at Berkeley wrote this Invited note for (The Resource Portal for Big Data, New Data Management Technologies and Data [ More.. ]

Nov 17, 2015

The Kids are Alright: Divide by n when estimating variance

Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, Professor of Statistics, University of Toronto, writes: It happens to the instructor of every university-level introductory statistics class. You define the mean m, and the variance v. [ More.. ]

Aug 28, 2015

What is the core of Data Science?

David Dunson, Arts and Sciences Professor of Statistical Science at Duke University, writes: What is the core of data science? To address this, I think it is necessary to first [ More.. ]


Data Science Conference: an interview

On June 11–12, 2015, the IMS-Microsoft Research workshop Foundations of Data Science brought together parallel communities of statisticians and machine learning researchers to discuss various problems that have both statistical [ More.. ]

Feb 16, 2015

The wavelet-boom and its statistical children

Guest columnist Dominique Picard considers the statistical legacy of wavelets. Once upon a time (around the nineties), wavelet analysis emerged as a major tool in various disciplines, including several branches [ More.. ]


IMS President’s Message: Erwin Bolthausen

Erwin Bolthausen became IMS President in July (he is pictured below, center, with Past-President Bin Yu, left, and President-Elect Richard Davis, right). Erwin shares his thoughts on the future of [ More.. ]


IMS: a cross-continent human network (with free student membership)

IMS President Bin Yu writes: As I am finishing my term as the IMS President and transitioning into the role of Past-President, I have been reflecting on the roles of [ More.. ]

Nov 17, 2013

Resolving Irreproducibility in Empirical and Computational Research

Victoria Stodden writes: The reproducibility of published findings is becoming a hot topic. From reports in the popular press to congressional activity, and from scholarly society engagement to academic publications [ More.. ]

Jul 16, 2013

Professional Societies: Still Relevant for Junior Researchers?

Nicole Lazar is a contributing editor of the IMS Bulletin. She writes: A February 27, 2013 posting by Alice Meadows on the website bore the title Are Scholarly Societies [ More.. ]



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