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Terence’s Stuff: Give Industry a Chance

All Terry Speed is saying is, “Give industry a chance”… If you are in academia, as most IMS members are, have you considered alternative careers?


Terence’s Stuff: My 15 Minutes of Fame

Terry Speed has had a brush with fame. Winning the Australian Prime Minister’s Prize for Science, he may have helped to raise the profile of statistics


Terence’s Stuff: Travel

If travel broadens the mind, Terry Speed must be one of the most broad-minded people you’ll meet, quite possibly at the next conference you go to.


Terence’s Stuff: Statistics and The War

Terry Speed reflects on the significant advances made in statistics during, and because of, the Second World War.


Terence’s Stuff: Meeting the Public

Giving public lectures is a part of the job for senior academics. Terry Speed reflects on his recent experience of addressing a more general audience.


Terence’s Stuff: A Rant

Terry Speed is mad as hell that we are still struggling for gender equity after all these years. Are you doing something about it?


Terence’s Stuff: Least-but-not-last Squares

In this issue, Terry Speed surveys the history of least squares, which has applications to life, the universe and everything…


Terence’s Stuff: 0.886 And All That

In the last issue, Terry Speed wrote about n vs n−1. So what links that topic to Walter Shewhart and control charts? 0.886!


Terence’s Stuff: n vs n-1

“Why is the denominator in the sample mean n, but the denominator for the sample variance is n−1?” a reader asked me. My answer needs to be comprehensible to his [ More.. ]


Terence’s Stuff: Does it work in practice?

For many statisticians, working in theory is the same as working in practice. Terry Speed begs to disagree.



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