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Who _are_ all these people?

In last issue’s XL-Files, Xiao-Li Meng set a picture quiz. Nobody has yet correctly identified everyone in the pictures below. If you can, and you’re over 21, you’ll be invited [ More.. ]


XL-Files: 2016, In Memory and In Memoriam

Contributing Editor Xiao-Li Meng writes: “How could that happen?” was perhaps the question of the year for 2016. Other than a small percentage of perceptive minds, which I hope include [ More.. ]

Nov 17, 2016

XL-Files: A Nobel Prize in Statistics, finally…

Contributing Editor Xiao-Li Meng writes: A Nobel Prize in Statistics? Well, almost. The launching of the International Prize for Statistics (IPS), with its explicit references to the Nobel Prize (NP) [ More.. ]


XL-Files. Statistics vs Data Science: a 30-year-old prediction?

Xiao-Li Meng writes: Writing the last XL- Files on “Peter Hall of Fame” reminded me of a piece that I have wanted to write since attending Chin Long Chiang’s memorial [ More.. ]


XL-Files: Peter Hall of Fame

Xiao-Li Meng writes: For many statisticians, “Peter Hall” is a synonym for prolificacy. In his 40 years of professional career since his PhD in 1976, Peter had published over 600 [ More.. ]

May 22, 2016

XL-Files: Lectures (Marriages?) That Last

Contributing Editor Xiao-Li Meng writes: Other than zero, I have a hard time coming up with an estimate for the number of readers of my XL-Files of July 2013 who [ More.. ]

Dec 16, 2015

XL-Files: Yo-Yo Ma on Machine (or Massive) Learning

Xiao-Li Meng writes: Boston’s reputation of being a hub of universities was elevated recently by the inaugural HUBweek (Hospital, University and Business), which kicked off with a forum led by [ More.. ]


XL-Files: More Joy of Statistics, not (merely) Job of Statistics

Xiao-Li Meng writes: “I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians.” This prediction by Professor Hal Varian in January 2009 (in The McKinsey [ More.. ]

Jul 14, 2015

XL-Files: The ABC of Wine and of Statistics?

  Xiao-Li Meng gives some advice to a student in a conundrum. After the final exam of my first Gen. Ed. course, Real-life Statistics: Your Chance for Happiness (or Misery), [ More.. ]


XL-Files: Frequent(ist) Flu and Fiducial Cure?

Xiao-Li Meng writes: Some events in life repeat, although not necessarily in an i.i.d.* fashion. For some unlucky or lucky ones (see my last XL-Files) this has been a season [ More.. ]

Dec 16, 2014

XL-Files: Pray with me, statistically

Xiao-Li Meng writes: Perhaps because of my adventure a year ago officiating Yves and Victoria’s happy wedding (see December 2013 XL-Flies), I was invited back to the same church a [ More.. ]


XL-Files: Leadership: are you open for it?

Contributing Editor Xiao-Li Meng writes: In addition to increasingly frequent requests to predict the future (see the last XL-Files), another sure sign of “professional aging” is being asked to talk [ More.. ]


XL-Files: The Future of Statistics…?

Xiao-Li Meng writes: Life sometimes teases us. The older one gets, and hence the shorter future one has to contemplate, the more often one is asked to predict the future. [ More.. ]

Mar 31, 2014

XL-Files: My Valentine’s Escape

Xiao-Li Meng finds it harder to escape statistics than he thought… The 2014 AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Annual Meeting (held February 13–17) has given me a [ More.. ]

Dec 14, 2013

XL-Files: Nobel Prize in Statistics?

Contributing Editor Xiao-Li Meng writes. No, this was not inspired by my recent Ig Nobel experience. The idea has been around for a long time but it particularly inspired me [ More.. ]



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